Assigner Expectations

As the assigner for the Flint Metro, GAC, MMAC and Saginaw Valley leagues, I have the following expectations for all crews( including my own) that work these Leagues:

1.  Our purpose is to do our best to provide a safe and fair game for our student athletes.

2.  We must NEVER " let our communications get "out of control"(yelling) with players, coaches, parents or administrative staff.  We are the calming force.

3.  Be respectful even when it is not returned.

4.  Each crew member is expected to be a STUDENT OF THE RULES.  Too many officials simply expect the "white hat" to be the only crew member who studies the rules.

5.  All crews should do their best to follow the MHSAA mechanics.  It is discourging to see film clips of Referees starting the clock as the ball is snapped when the mechanics book clearly states that" no visible signal is given when the clock starts with the snap."  It is also discourging to see back judges getting beat to the goal line because the BJ is simply playing too close.  Except for injury or falling down, there  is NO EXCUSE FOR A BACK JUDGE NOT BEING THE FIRST TO ARRIVE AT THE GOAL LINE.



Phil Long



Joel Barnes




Football Assigners for : The Flint Metro league, The Mid-Michigan Athletic Conference, The Genesee Area Conference(GAC) and The Saginaw Valley League                                                                                





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