6 man back-up Plan

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If you have to go 6 man, this procedure works well:  ELIMINATE THE SJ


1.  All kick offs will be administered the same ALL NIGHT long as follows:

  -   Referee, HL, LJ, BJ and umpire in their regular positions.  Umpire will always be on the 50 yard line opposite the press box


2.  Scrimmage plays from the 20 yard line but short of the 5

  -  FJ on the goal line and BJ on the end line


3.  Scrimmage plays from 5 yard line to goal

  -  FJ and BJ are on the end line.



NOTES:  the BJ will be on the hash opposite from the FJ.  Since we do not have a SJ to switch with, the FG will work the same side of the field for the entire game but the LOS officials will switch sides for the second half.  LOS official with no deep side has forward progress all the way to the goal.  Obviously no double umpire on PAT's and field goals.


Option on second half....you could have the field judge and the back judge switch.  What ever you are comfortable with.





Phil Long



Joel Barnes




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