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The high school football officials "Bible" consists of 3 books; The NFHS rules book, the NFHS case book and the MHSAA officials manual.  The manual is free online but the other books may be purchased.  You are not required to purchase any books for the class but I wanted you to be able to acquire them if so desired.  That information is below:

Hard copy RULES and CASE books from the NFHS will cost $10.00 each plus approximately $12.50 shipping( Total of approximately $32.50).  Amazon offers kindle versions for $6.99 each.

Directions to the MHSAA online FOOTBALL officials mechanics manual 

 From the MHSAA website click on OFFICIALS; on the left side click on SPORT-SPECIFIC CONTENT: on the next page click on FOOTBALL; on the next page scroll down and click on MHSAA MECHANICS MANUAL


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Football Assigners for : The Flint Metro league, The Mid-Michigan Athletic Conference, The Genesee Area Conference(GAC) and The Saginaw Valley League                                                                                





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