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7 Man Material

Field Judge and Side Judge

( All pre-snap and live ball positioning is the 2 yard box outside of each sideline. PAT exception)

SJ always works the chain side of the field

FJ works the press box side

Going onto the field

Only R and U meet the coaches ( L and L J meet their respective coaches later ).  L J and FJ check and walk the FJ sideline( Press Box).  BJ, L and SJ check and walk the SJ side( Chain side). Deep sides  locate ball boys and discuss ball exchange method with them.  All officials should remani on their respective sides and monitoring the fiels until at least 1 teams leaves the field.  NOTE:  The slide on the powerpoint shows the officials spread out down the 50 yardline in the center of the field.  It might be better if the officials stay together ( 4 on one side and 3 on the other) near the sideline just outside the 50.




FJ and SJ escort captains toward the Referee and  Umpire for the coin toss.  FJ and SJ stop at the hash and return to the sideline.


Kicks offs

            Pre-kick positions   FJ and SJ....50 yard line.   R,L and L J....Goal line.  U and BJ  on K's 40.  ( for on side kicks, L and L J move to the K 45 )


Scrimmage kicks from the 40 to the goal line

            Pre-snap position for FJ and SJ…goal line….responsible for forward progress on returns.

All other scrimmage kicks

            Pre-snap position for FJ and SJ....about 3 yards deeper than deepest receiver..watch for K players  rushing down on your side…responsible for forward progress.

Scrimmage plays from the 20 to the other 20

            Pre-snap…20 yards from the LOS official…Signal down…signal count

            When ball becomes live…move down field keeping at least 20 yards between you and   the LOS official.  Stay well in advance of any receivers…When play ends, move in to relay   the ball from the LOS official to the umpire.


Scrimmage plays beginning from the 7 yard line to the 20 yard line with the ball moving toward that goal line.  Deep Sides...

            Pre-snap position will be the goal line.  Everything else is the same as above

Scrimmage plays starting from the 7 yard line to the goal line

            Pre-snap position will be the end line.

Reverse Mechanics  5 yardline and going out

           R is on the endline....LOS officials break back to the goal line at the snap.


First down measurements

            SJ remains on side line where the stake will be placed.  FJ prepares  for a possible ball     exchange.

Extra Point

            Kicking…SJ goes to double umpire position while the FJ takes the goal post on his side.

Change of quarter

            SJ goes to the new clip spot

            FJ has no assignment                      


The LOS officials have forward progress for the entire field from one 2 yard line to the other 2 yard line.….FJ and SJ freeze and verbalize long out of bounds plays informing the LOS officials as to where to place the ball.  Deep sides do NOT move to the spot.  If the LOS official has a downfield flag, the deep side should move to and hold the spot after the ball is dead,  so the LOS official can report it to the referee.

ALL WINGS...stay off of the field during live ball.

FJ, BJ and BJ back up at the snap.

LOS officials stay home until the ball goes pass thye line of scrimmage. ( Do not go down field on scrimmage kicks ).

Umpire never comes to the line.

Umpire only pivots on scrimmage kicks.

FJ and S J help line-up the R for kicks out of bounds.

FJ and SJ NEVER call false starts or encroachments.

FJ and SJ are responsible for counting the defense on all scrimmage plays.

FJ and SJ bring in the balls from the ball boy.

FJ and SJ always key on widest receiver

FJ and SJ “accordion in” to the top of numbers after short run or pass play ends.

FJ and SJ always have the goal line ruling EXCEPT when our pre-snap position puts us at the end line( when the ball is snapped from the 7 yard line to the goal line ).

TIME OUTS…stay home


Phil Long



Joel Barnes




Football Assigners for : The Flint Metro league, The Mid-Michigan Athletic Conference, The Genesee Area Conference(GAC) and The Saginaw Valley League                                                                                





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